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Shin Jie Yong
Neurobiology MSc postgrad in Malaysia | 2x published academic author | 100+ articles on coronavirus | Freelance medical writer |

The third, most worrisome one is just recently noted.

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  • It can cause severe pneumonia, blood clots, and multi-organ failure that can hospitalize a person and can be fatal, especially for those who…

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Humans don’t always win against evolving viruses, but there are reasons to be optimistic

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A newsletter providing a brief account of the topics covered last month.

Coronavirus vaccines

  1. Platelet Disorders and Genetic Vaccines Might Have A Biological Link, but It’s Negligible: As genetic (mRNA/DNA) vaccines are relatively new technology, many things about them are still unclear. Specifically, data on the tissue biodistribution of mRNA (e.g., Pfizer and Moderna) and DNA…

Making sense of the information on vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT) out there to see what this is all about.

Magnetic resonance angiogram (a type of MRI; magnetic resonance imaging) that specifically visualizes blood vessels. Source: istock/mr.suphachai praserdumrongchai

An overview of the WHO-China investigation report, an update on current knowledge, and some next steps

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After 15 months of consistent scientific writing online, here’s what I’ve got to share

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1. Measure your cumulative progress rather than your weekly or monthly performance

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Understanding the nature of the potential harm helps us discern its risk.

Genetic vaccines and platelet disorders

A newsletter providing a brief account of the topics covered in the past month.


  1. What I Saw and Didn’t See at a COVID Vaccination Clinic: Ryan P. Gilley, Ph.D., an infectious disease researcher, describes his inspiring experiences as a volunteer administering vaccines for Covid-19. While the media tends to cover vaccine skepticism and hesitancy, Dr. Gilley witnessed the opposite, writing that “I saw what “in this together” really looks like.”
  2. Concerns of Lipid Nanoparticle Carrying mRNA…

Image adapted from Franck Barske from Pixabay

A new hint into the pandemic origin — with input from a professor — that we may need to think beyond Yunnan.

Coronavirus intermediate host in brief

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Detailing the arguments for and against this concern with input from experts.

Current vaccines rely on spike protein

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