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Aiming to improve scientific literacy in this age of information overload and mis/disinformation, especially on controversial and polarizing topics.
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It’s trending in social media and several sites that Covid-19 mRNA vaccines reduce our immunity — negative vaccine effectiveness — against Omicron, the dominant SARS-CoV-2 variant since late 2021, based on studies or data from Canada, Denmark, the U.K., and Iceland. …

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In biology, it’s always about the dose, even at the nanoscale level. Too much of anything is hardly ever a good thing, and too little of anything is hardly ever helpful.

That’s why pinpointing the threshold — the tipping point —where an effect is effectuated is vital yet tricky because…

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An autopsy, the dissection of a dead body, ‘the act of seeing for oneself’ in Greek, is the gold-standard method of determining the cause of death and understanding what a disease does to the human body.

Numerous autopsy studies on Covid-19 patients have been published. But researchers at the National…

Hello all, it has been another month, and I have here another update on what has been going on in Microbial Instincts, an independent publication about infectious diseases (including vaccines). As usual, articles are friend-linked, which I hope will keep you more scientifically informed.


Rembrandt (1632) — The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp. Public Domain. In a public autopsy/anatomy lesson, Dr. Tulp was dissecting the arm of a dead body to demonstrate how arm muscles are attached.

Biomedical devices have their limits in understanding the body from the outside. That’s why autopsy— meaning ‘the act of seeing for oneself’ in Greek — remains useful to this day. To know what really happened, we have to understand the body from the inside. …

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A randomized controlled trial (RCT) is the gold-standard method for testing the safety and efficacy of a drug or biologic in humans. Because of RCTs, we know that the Covid-19 vaccines are safe and effective compared to the control group.

Beyond the clinical trial’s control group in the general population…

Hi everyone! I have here another monthly update from Microbial Instincts, an independent publication about microbes and vaccines.

But first, as most have already heard, the World Health Organization (WHO) has named the B.1.1.529 variant as Omicron last week, which was first detected in South Africa in a sample dated…

Vaccine Safety

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The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) of the U.K. has recorded 32,036 individual cases of post-vaccine menstrual disorders — out of 49.4 million Covid-19 vaccine doses — as of 27 October 2021. But the MHRA did not accept that the Covid-19 vaccines are linked to menstrual disorders:


Vaccine Safety

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One of the primary drivers of hesitancy about the Covid-19 mRNA vaccine from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna is that it’s a new technology with no long-term safety data. Whereas traditional vaccine technology — such as inactivated, protein-based, and live-attenuated vaccines — has been used to combat infectious diseases for decades.


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